Can I "customize" on my dress?
I don't know what would look good on me, I have no idea what I'm doing...
Why is my dress size not fitting right?
(Bridal Sizes vs Dress Sizes)
Customization Options

Here are a few simple options to start you off.

Zipper to Corset Tie Back

This option changes the back of the dress to a corset tie back, allowing for quick adjustments to the bust and waist. The back design will change to accommodate a modesty panel. This panel is included, some brides prefer not having it on, so give it a try.

Adding Straps/Sleeves

There are a few options here. First, we recommend going to our Bridal Straps section to see if there is anything you like there. These are add-on accessory pieces that are designed to match many if not all of our designs. 

Train Extensions

We can add up to 3 feet to a train length. These types of changes usually requires a formal change quote request because depending on the design, the costs of the change will vary. For example, extending a plain tulle skirt vs an elaborate beaded lace trimmed skirt will require a lot more materials and effort.

Adding/Removing Beading

If you're looking to add, we recommend looking here at some Beaded Accents. For removing, its case by case. If its something simple like a beaded accent pattern, no problem. Its when there's beading integrated across several layers that it gets tough.  When in doubt just ask us and we can give you an idea if its possible.

You can order your dress to your exact body measurements and height. This is available across any of our bridal styles.

Custom Sizing

Why is this important to me?

Our dresses can get pretty complex, from the many layers, to all the design details we put into each design. We make the dress to your size specifications during production, this means when it comes time for fittings and alterations, its much easier to work off of something that already fits you 99% of the way. 

Get Measured Correctly

To ensure we get things exactly right, we ask for more measurements than we technically need so that our production team can do a "common sense" check on all custom measurement orders. Here's everything we need. Every store has their own way of measuring, but at least here you have an idea of what we need at the end of the day.

Do not get measured while wearing the dress

Even if the dress "feels" like its perfect on you, get measured without it on. Dresses are hand-made from delicate high-quality material which is why, they're all essentially their own "snowflake". So if you're asking for custom measurements and they're taking measurements off the dress...

be careful.

Wear Approximate Heel Height and Undergarments

Heels (oh yes, even Cowboy Boots) will of course add to the Hollow to Hem measurement. This is also why we ask for your height with and without the shoes on, another way we identify potential errors before ordering. The bra, undergarment, Spanx, or nothing, you wear with the dress need to be taken into consideration. So whatever you're wearing or not wearing, make sure to have that "on" when you're getting measured.

Bridal Size vs Dress Size

Oh yes, it's not your regular dress size.

Not all size charts are the same! Your regular dress size you use for reference when shopping at the mall and department stores is not the same as "bridal" sizes. For some perspective, the dresses in our images are all bridal size 6 or 8.



Let's help you sort through all of our dresses.


Not everyone is entirely familiar with all the options and technical terms when it comes to whats available to you.


Therefore... we did away with the words and used pictures!

When it comes to a wedding dress, its easier to start from what you don't like, and work from there. 

Uncheck, any design element that's a definite "NO"

then refine the search from there.

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