Dress shopping is hard enough as it is. Let us help you with some of the leg work.


Oh yes, it's not your regular dress size.

Not all size charts are the same! Your regular dress size you use for reference when shopping at the mall and department stores is not the same as "bridal" sizes. For some perspective, the dresses in our images are all bridal size 6 or 8.

We design a lot of dresses across all of our collections. Our retailers obviously are unable to have every style in their store showroom, there simply isn't enough space!

So who in the world would have every style on hand and be willing to get it to an interested bride? 

The Designers! =)


Oh yes, we have many dress samples we keep to send off to trunk shows and runway events, and most importantly, we set them aside to send out to our authorized retailers whenever a bride is interested in a style they don't have in their store. 

Here's how it works. Fill out the basics below, and we'll go track down the styles you're looking for, then get it out to a nearby retailer for your appointment.*


*Note: All authorized retailers are independent businesses, meaning they each handle these "loaner" samples differently. Fees may or may not apply from retailer to retailer. But don't worry, we'll help coordinate and communicate these details before sending anything out. No information you provide will be used for any promotional purposes and will be kept private. Once we find a suitable and willing store, we provide your contact information for them to finalize appointment details.

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