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Ball Gowns vs A-lines

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

The Ball Gown and A-line Silhouette have been popular with brides for decades. They are two of the most popular Styles among Brides for years. Even though they are very similar, they also are surprisingly very different. Knowing the difference between the two will help you search for your perfect gown.

Here we have two Kenneth Winston gowns. On the left is Style 1776 which is a ballgown, and on the right is Style 1804 which is an A-Line. The differences are subtle...

When you are thinking of a Ballgown, Think about your favorite Disney Princess, Fairy tale volume is what a Ballgown is like. They usually have fuller skirt, and not a lot of options when it comes to the bodice. They are best paired with a fitted bodice whether plain or beaded. The skirt of this silhouette always starts at the natural waist, and looks nice with a Train of any length. The ballgown is more appropriate for a grand or traditional style wedding.

As for the A-line gown it is always characterized by the silhouette of the skirt. It is fitted at the hips and gradually flares out from the natural waist line. The A-line is a more versatile silhouette than the Ballgown, meaning you can pair it with many different types of necklines, and fabrics. The A-line is perfect for any type of wedding, from simple backyard to grand church ceremonies.

The beauty of each one is that they both can be paired with any type of shoe. Since they are both fuller skirts no one will see your shoes and you are free to pick the most comfortable pair you can find to dancing the night away.

The two are flattering on all body types. But keep in mind for a ballgown a girl that is heavy busted it may make you look to big over all, and for a petite girl try not to add to much volume to your skirt because it will make you look shorter. The A-line will give you an Illusion of height and curves for the slender and petite bride, and can also help slim down rounded figures.

Now that you are more familiar with the difference between the two, this will help make your shopping experience more simple. (View dresses categorized by silhouettes here)

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