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Convertible Shear Bodice Wedding Dresses

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Shear bodices are beautiful and sexy but many brides are shy to wear them down the aisle especially in a formal church venue. We have the perfect solution, a convertible design!

Every one of these styles here come with a detachable lining layer that can be worn during the ceremony then when it comes to the reception, they can remove it and wow their guests!

Kenneth Winston 1803

Pearls and clear beading pattern over an embroidery lace that contours with the inner satin lining.

Ella Rosa BE457

The satin lining is colored to blend seamlessly in with the vintage Alencon lace.

Kenneth Winston 1792

Kenneth Winston 1794

We designed this style to balance with the Crepe base fabric, so we tapered in soft cotton embroidery.

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