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How to find a Kenneth Winston dress near you...

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

One of the most common questions we are consistently getting in our inboxes, is how brides can buy a Kenneth Winston dress or where to find a specific dress of ours. AND NO FEAR LOVES... We are here to help!

So when you go onto www.kennethwinston.com you will be greeted by our gorgeous web page, but one of the main tabs to click on the top is "Store Locator"

Once you are on that screen, type in your address, and it will locate the nearest authorized retailer of our designs for you to find! And if you are looking for a specific style then when clicking on a store then select "Preview Styles at this Store" and you will see the full selection that store has to offer!

Here is the link to our store locator!

We hope this little tutorial helped you! And good luck with finding "the one!" If ya ever need anything do not hesitate to contact the KW team!

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