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Mood Board Inspiration Based Around Your Color Scheme

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Choosing the color scheme is such a crucial part of the wedding planning process! What color suites the time of the year you're having your wedding? Do you have any influences as to what colors you should choose, i.e. a nod to a loved one, a sports team, college you met your fiancé at? Well whatever the reason is, we found that the top choices currently are navy, lilac, and mint. Very fitting for this time of the year, don't you think?

For you classic ladies who chose this popular shade of blue, it is by far the most popular selection for bridesmaids' dresses at the moment. Our popular style, Kenneth Winston Colour 5333L is spot on for this trend! This is a silhouette that works on so many body shapes, so your ladies will look flawless next to you on your wedding day. Also, what girl doesn't look good in navy? Add pops off white, gold, and greenery for the ceremony and reception and you are good to go.

This color trend is one that has been all the rage over the past few years. And if you say you haven't gone through a mint phase, I probably don't believe you! This color is a tint of green and it is hard not to love this refreshing color! Our Kenneth Winston Colour dress, style 5294L has been a choice for many! This gown has such a graceful bodice, and waistline that is sure to please all of your bridesmaids!

Not much is better than the smell of fresh lavender, and nothing else really beats the color of lavender as well! This tone of purple is sought after year after year for ceremonies all across the world. For a ceremony/reception this color is so fitting to represent the fresh new start for the couple beginning their lives as one. Kenneth Winston Colour style 5292L looks like a dress for a goddess, which is what your ladies are! It has the fabric draping across the waist and draws the eye inwards to show off the waistline! This is a dress to be remembered, and to please all of your bridesmaids.

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