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What is your train length?

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

So many engaged women run into the biggest wedding question ever... What style wedding dress do I want?

So what type of dress should she pick out? What details should she really pay attention to?

Well, fit is important and so is style but did you ever stop to think about the biggest detail of them all...?


Of course your train length does not have to be comparable to the iconic Diana, Princess of Wales wedding gown train length haha, but if that's what you want all the more power to you!

So what types of train lengths are there?


Dramatic and elegant. A modern take on the traditional cathedral train length, designed to create beautiful shape and freely flow as you walk down the aisle. (Click here to see our dresses with Semi-Cathedral train lengths)


One of the most popular train lengths due to its balance between length, weight and mobility. Chapel trains flow effortlessly behind the bride and are able to be bustled easily. (Click here to see our dresses with Chapel train lengths)


A versatile length that is suitable for all types of weddings from beach and garden destinations to church venues. (Click here to see our dresses with Court train lengths)


Simple and concise. Sweep trains are perfect for destination and outdoor weddings, allowing you to move around freely without worry. (Click here to see our dresses with Sweep train lengths)

Have you decided which length best suits you, your personality and your style? Are you still leaning towards the princesses train length? Haha.

With different lengths to choose from, it definitely can make your decision on picking a wedding gown slightly easier. By narrowing it down to your styles train length, it will help you decide which fit best works for you as well.

Now that you have seen a plethora of dress options, go check out all the styles we have available on our Pinterest!


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