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Which Style of Wedding Dress is Best For Your Body Type?

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

In a sea of wedding dresses it can be overwhelming to start searching for "the one." I mean you just found "the one" (your future spouse) and now you have to find "the one" all over again?! No fear dear, we are here to help you narrow down the options!

Okay girlfriend, you have been blessed with this beautiful bust, so now you just need to decide what wedding dress is best suiting for yourself! You'll want to choose a gown that supplies some coverage so you won't be worried about the girls on the big day. That's why this dress, Kenneth Winston dress, style 1730 is a great selection! Notice the sweetheart neckline, with the overlay as straps to provide you some coverage. Then this fit-and-flare gown will show off your silhouette!

Next is for the leannnnnn column ladies out there. For you, you may be looking for a dress that adds curve. What dresses are right though to create that look? What I recommend is a dress that is a mermaid or fit-and-flare silhouette. These both will help to accentuate you. What is awesome about Kenneth Winston style 1738 is that it has this silhouette AND it has the feminine lace running horizontally to create an appearance of more curves. This dress is a total knockout!

Hello, the apple of my eye! If you are reading this paragraph you were probably blessed with an apple-shaped body figure! And you may be wondering to yourself, what dress do I want to accentuate my silhouette? Well we are here to help you! A silhouette that would look AMAZING on you would be a ballgown or a-line. They will lead your eye to your waist and also elongate your body to the eye! A style that would be a stunner on you is Kenneth Winston, style 1779. This knockout is a ballgown that has a sweetheart neckline to frame your pretty face, and the bodice has intricate beading with it running in a formation that is super flattering. This dress is a no-brainer!

Oh hourglass, your hips do not lie! Last but not least in this roundup is you! If you are reading this you are probably wondering to yourself, what gown do I wear on my big day? Well for someone with a shape like yours you should wear something that shows off your body! I mean if you got it, flaunt it! A dress that is fitting for you would be our Kenneth Winston style 1739. Why I chose this dress is because it has that amazing v-neckline and playful v-cutouts under the arm. With these shapes they are perfect to elongate the body AND show off your waistline. Between that and the killer silhouette you are a bride that cannot be forgotten!

Overall, all that matters is that you find a dress that makes you feel most beautiful on your big day. It is a dress that you will keep and cherish forever. So do what makes you happy and listen to your heart, after all it got you this far.

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