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Winter Bridal Solutions

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Hello snow bunnies! It is winter season, and that means lots of romantic winter weddings! And BABY, BRRRR it is cold outside. So we wanted to offer some ideas for our winter brides to not be so cold for all of those dramatic and stunning snow wedding pictures!

Our friends over at Bridal Chateau in Williamsville, NY are no strangers to the cold. And their favorite recommendation for winter brides is to wear a fur shawl. Beth the second-generation owner of the store says,

"We love the fur shawls because not only do they keep you super warm, but they add such a level of glamour to your bridal look. The other best thing is that you should be incorporating the piece into your winter wardrobe. Reminisce about your wedding day when going out or on a date night by being able to wear a piece from your special day!"

Now isn't that the cutest idea?!

Dress Style 1793

Dress Style 1798

Doesn't it just look SO FAB?! We love the idea of different colors! It all just depends on what look you want to go for here! Another idea we've seen with these shawls is to get a different color shawl for all of your bridesmaids too so they are toasty as well!

Another option for winter weddings is to wear a dress with sleeves. Now for some dresses this isn't always an option, but find a skilled seamstress and she may be able to create the winter goddess look for you! We recently had a bride reach out to Twinkle Norte a designer based out of the Philippines who added sleeves to her Kenneth Winston gown and the result was absolutely breathtaking!!

Overall your wedding is YOUR wedding and it is your night to wear WHATEVER you want! If you had a winter wedding and wore a Kenneth Winston we would love to see what you did! DM them to us on Instagram!

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